I dont know about you....but I'm starting to get bombarded with ideas, and I like them all.   So, while I like a bunch of them individually, Im starting to put a couple of them together to make something different and hopefully unique for us.  This is where I'm going to keep track of them, before I hear another idea and these get pushed out.

Free Standing Photobooth

I love love love this idea.  (and so does Nick, he's already planning how to make it)  I was really having a hard time figuring out how we would have a traditional photobooth at our wedding.  Renting them is incredibly expensive, and the DIY one's seem to require a computer program and printers etc. on site.   I found the best idea on a fellow knottie's site, I hope we can make ours look half as good.   I would love people to take as many as they want with our digital camera and we'll send them a copy after the wedding. (possibly with their thank you card)  I'm hoping to make the lips and mustache's too. 

Card Box

I've been making these memory boxes for years and years.  This one is small because it's mine, but usually they are quite large.  My thought is that I'll take as many different pictures of Nick and I from the past 4 plus years and make a memory box for our card box.  I think turning them all into black & white's will make it special and personal.  I think i'm going to stack a couple of boxes and I'll post pictures when I'm done.


I like these two examples, I'll make sure to post pics when I start mine.

I'm having a hard time with this idea.  I loved the idea of a custom photobook guestbook that a fellow knottie posted. (you can link to it here)  So here is my brainstorm on this idea.  I love the photobook idea, but I'm having a hard time allowing people to write in it.  Call me controlling, but I've seen people make spelling mistakes and scratch out things in guest books.  I saw this idea on another board and thought, why cant I put them together?  I would make out custom photobook, then put these cards out for our guests, then put them in the photobook with photo corners.  Neat, clean and unique?

Aisle Decor
This will only make sense if we get married outside, but I like the idea of defining the aisle.  I like the shepherd's hooks and I'm sure I will have to make the pomanders myself, but this is a great site for directions.


I think this idea is so cute, I'm wondering if anyone would actually do it, or if they would just hold them.  I'm wondering if I can incorporate it into a program as well?  We'll see.

Hanging Letters

Im thinking that making something like this for the gazebo might be fun.