DIY Project List
(with cost break down, when possible)

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Hair Flower
Tissue Pomanders

Card Box
Hanging Letters
Embossed Napkins
Photobooth Sign
Location Sign
Bridesmaid Gift(s)

My Hair Flower

I love the flower on my gown, and I knew I wanted one in my hair.  I just dont have the funds to buy one on Etsy, so I made my own.  It was incredible easy and inexpensive. 
Just break down the rose into individual layers, arrange, add crystals and bobby pin.  Done!
White Silk Flower - Michael's - $1.99
Crystals - Michael's - $1.00
Bobby Pin - free
20 minutes of work
Total with tax - $3.22

Embossed Napkins

I thought this was the craziest idea when I first saw it, but now I think it's a nice detail.  For a little work, and very little money, it works.
Cocktail Napkins - Party Store - $2.49
Left Over Ink (From Invites) - $0
Left Over Embossing Powder (from Invites) - $0
An Hour of Work
Total with Tax (50 Cocktail Napkins) - $2.68

DIY Pearl Necklaces

I thought these were so cute...and i couldnt resist making them.  I made two (one white and one cream) for my MOH because she loves pearls and I thought she would like to wear them after the wedding.  I had leftover pearls so I made a bracelet too.  I alternated the white and cream pearls so she could wear it with either necklace. 
I hope she likes them.

I couldnt get one decent picture of my process but you can get the directions here.
8mm Glass Pearls (one white set, one cream set) - Walmart - $4.00
28 Guage Beading Wire - Michael's - $2.99
Jump Rings - Michael's - $2.99
Crimp Beads - Michael's - $2.99
3/8 inch ribbon (3 colors) - Michael's - $1.99 ea = $5.97
(nothing was on sale, but dont forget your 40% coupons)
20 minutes of work
Total with tax - $20.42
You could easily make 20 necklaces with the wire, rings, and beads. 
I've made 2 more sets for only $4.28 more.


This is my mock-up, but I dont think they'll change much.
Mock-Up Price
4 1/2 inch Cube Vase - Michael's - $5.99 (with 40% off coupon)
3 Stems of White Silk Hydrangea - Michael's - $3.51 (on clearance)
Leftover Ribbon from BM Necklaces - $0.00
10 minutes of work
Total with tax - $9.81

14 Centerpieces (if I buy my vases at Michael's) - $137.34
plus the cost of more ribbon - estimating about $12.00 more?

Personalized Hangers

Wood Hangers - Target - 5 for $5.00
12 Gauge Aluminum Jewelry Stringing Wire - Michael's - $2.99
20-30 minutes of work per hanger
Total with tax - $8.56
I can make 2 names out of one roll of wire, so they break down to about $2.37 each


1.  Buy a roll of wire to practice with, keep using it over and over just to practice your letters and sizing.  It took me a few tries to get the letters even remotely right.

2.  Use needle nose pliers to tighten your loops and letters, but BE CAREFUL.  The aluminum wire is really soft and will scratch and sometimes take on the teeth impressions.  I found that if I put a piece of material (mostly my shirt) in between the wire and pliers, I didnt have that problem.  I mostly used my hands, and only really used the pliers to tighten the tops of letters like L.

3,  Try to make everything lower case.  You'll drive yourself crazy trying to make capital letters.  I didnt find it to be worth the effort.

Good Luck!


Made them myself - $0.00