Nick's Tie... 04/04/2010
So, if I have any free time, I'm on the internet searching for ideas, ideas and more ideas.  I got the idea that I wanted Nick to wear a different tie than his groomsmen and the fathers.  I started my search, and to my surprise I found the perfect one in about 3 minutes.  :)   I showed it to Nick and luckily he loved it too.  Woo hoo! 
So after a couple of beers last night, Nick and I decided on our wedding colors.  I love chocolate brown and light blue.  I think it fits us to a tee.  Let the planning begin.
I started researching flowers today, and damn flowers are SO expensive, ot maybe its just the one's I want.  I was smitten with these peony bouquets until I found out how expensive they would be. ($4.50 a stem)  I had planned on doing my own flowers anyway (minus the florist,) but I don't think these are in my budget.
After looking online for bouquet alternatives, I thought these two ideas were very interesting. 
The top two are made of buttons, the bottom two are made of paper.
Ok, I'm totally a computer person, but I realized today that it would be a really good idea to have a book to carry around. After hours of research, trying to decide what to put in it, I drove to Office Depot to pick out a 3-ring binder.  Have you purchased a 3-ring binder recently?  Holy Geez, they're expensive.  I spent 45 minutes looking at them.  I finally decided on one, its brown with cream stitching  around the edge.  I think I've lost my mind.  That's right folks, it took me 45 minutes to pick out a brown binder.

Even though I knew it was going to happen (see The Proposal section,) it still caught me off guard when it actually happened.  It's a weird and exciting feeling to say 'I'm Engaged.'